Cutting Aka Code Workshop (1)

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Cutting Aka Code Workshop (1)

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  • 4 videos, 4 hours in total

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The Kahuna tradition of Hawaii has received a beautiful healing tool to cut our attachments to old karma (both bad and good karma).

It is time for me to share this insight with you and show you how to easily cut old attachments and renew your energy and others you have been attached to.

Aka Cords are created every time you put your energy and attention on someone or something, particularly if you are upset or have strong feelings towards that person or thing. The Kahunas say every thought you have about that person creates a two way string between you and that person.

If you have had many thoughts about them, you are carrying a heavy rope of karma that needs to be released before you can move forward with more grace. We will learn details about how Aka cords are created and how to cut and remove them.

We will also learn how to create positive Aka cords to help us, and our loved ones move into a higher reality.

We will introduce Sama Veda as a tool to replenish our Divine Light and rebuild our natural Divine Presence. This is the first time since I lived in Hawaii that I have taught this!

I’m sure you will love it and have a completely new perspective on healing.