New Soma Sutras Activation

Soma flowing out

New Soma Sutras Activation

  • Price:30,000 JPY ($280)
  • 6 videos, 4 hours in total

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This New Soma Sutra Activation was conducted as the 5th Soma Mandala Study Program. Bob has reorganized 3 Soma Sutras Activation based on the experience and insights of the 1st to 4th Soma Mandala Study Program.

This online video is available to anyone who has learned ELM meditation (or fulfillment meditation). Join us for a surprising experience!

May Soma flow in a sweet and golden stream and increase our health and happiness. Now is the time for us to learn how to generate more Soma. Some is produced in the body during deep meditation.

Soma is a natural hormone produced by the body to generate God Consciousness and all higher perception. Soma is liquid Love. When it moves through us, we feel warm and happy. We can begin to see bright colors and auras, hear divine music, and smell the fragrance of sandlewood in the air.

Sutras stimulate our consciousness to realize deep Truths and enter Higher States of Enlightenment more quickly. Anyone who has a Mantra from any of our programs can take this course.